About Spiritual Direction

Seeking God. Seeking Life.

A spiritual director accompanies others as they reflect on their life and experience and encourages them to listen more deeply to their thoughts, feelings and desires in a prayerful atmosphere, so as to discover within them the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual directors encourage those they accompany to find ways of prayer that work well with their lives and to hear God’s voice for the choices they need to make.

Spiritual directors meet people on a one-to-one basis, with meetings usually taking place monthly. This may be on-going, within a retreat or for a period of discernment.

Below is a Vimeo video link to a talk Marie gave for The Meditation Centre, London via Zoom. The talk was entitled “The Listening Church” and is an outline of Spiritual Direction. https://vimeo.com/475873865/a0e8f64ba4 We hope you find the video interesting.

couple speaking

O Lord, my God, who will seek you

with simple and pure love,

and not find that you

 are all one can desire?

For you show yourself first

and go out to meet

 those who seek you

[John of the Cross: Sayings 2:]